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Unsigned Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500
71 Band Name: THE BOY
Political Song(s): REVOLUTION SONG 2 / DIVER
Votes: 0
Party: Riddled With Adolescence
72 Band Name: The Duel
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: Not Allowed To Own Guns
73 Band Name: Fruit Punch
Political Song(s): Red zone / Blue Zone
Votes: 0
Party: Amending Conventional Wisdom on Lemonade
74 Band Name: PRIMITAI
Political Song(s): X
Votes: 0
75 Band Name: Grey Man's Cause
Political Song(s): [the secret of] Ann Coulter
Votes: 0
Party: Polychromatic
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76 Band Name: live VIA sky
Political Song(s): These Words Are War
Votes: 0
Party: Other
77 Band Name: Avalanche
Political Song(s): justice of the sword
Votes: 0
Party: Other
78 Band Name: Wild Bill Austin
Political Song(s): What I Signed on For
Votes: 0
Party: Talking To The Moon
79 Band Name: Blood Orange 65
Political Song(s): Karmageddon
Votes: 0
Party: Delicious When Wet
80 Band Name: The Fillmore Gears
Political Song(s): The Sack
Votes: 0
Party: Grinding Peter's Gears
81 Band Name: Jono Manson
Political Song(s): The Power of One, If I Was 10,000 People, I'm Gonna Get It
Votes: 0
Party: Bono of the Manson Family
82 Band Name: The Shortest Straw
Political Song(s): One Night In Heaven
Votes: 0
Party: Riding on the Shortest Bus
83 Band Name: this changes everything
Political Song(s): n/a
Votes: 0
Party: Unalterable... Ironclad.
84 Band Name: Pattern Against User
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: 2020 Miss Transparent
85 Band Name: Cardboard
Political Song(s): Revolution
Votes: 0
Party: Sheltering Homeless Folks
86 Band Name: The Pikachus
Political Song(s): Captcha
Votes: 0
Party: Alive With Pleasure
87 Band Name: Beefs
Political Song(s): Chubs in the Skillet
Votes: 0
Party: Marinating
88 Band Name: Aurora Heights
Political Song(s): When Uncle Sam Was a Kid
Votes: 0
Party: Fantasizing About Kurt and Eddie
89 Band Name: Spinal Alchemy
Political Song(s): Please vote for T Minus 1, Brian Diamond, and The Junkyard Allstars
Votes: 0
Party: Growing Gold Coffee Beans
90 Band Name: Konami Contraband
Political Song(s): Confederacy of Nothing
Votes: 0
Party: Playing With Power
91 Band Name: 6th Street Lockdown
Political Song(s): Rule of Law
Votes: 0
Party: Locked Down Hard
92 Band Name: X-Patriots
Political Song(s): The President Is Dancing
Votes: 0
Party: Chinese
93 Band Name: Altered Rhythm
Political Song(s): Lying to the West
Votes: 0
Party: Wrinkling Time
94 Band Name: American Cutlery
Political Song(s): Sparkling Cunt Block
Votes: 0
Party: Not Very Sharp
95 Band Name: Sermonette
Political Song(s): Hope's Left Gil Swimming West
Votes: 0
Party: Performing for Retired Folks
96 Band Name: The Dumbledores
Political Song(s): Magic Has A Spell
Votes: 0
Party: Leading the Order of the Phoenix
97 Band Name: Leaving Exodus
Political Song(s): Find Another End
Votes: 0
Party: Playing Musics and Going to Cinema
98 Band Name: Caravan Goes Next
Political Song(s): War on Honey
Votes: 0
Party: 19th Century Conestoga Pioneers
99 Band Name: Pedestrian
Political Song(s): Red Saint Nick
Votes: 0
Party: Busted for Jaywalking
100 Band Name: Wright Saints
Political Song(s): Breaking Covenants
Votes: 0
Party: Rocking Howland Island
Unsigned Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500

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