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11 Band Name: The Grand Marquee
Political Song(s): Loaded
Votes: 0
Party: Red Light Girls
12 Band Name: simone
Political Song(s): with or against us
Votes: 0
Party: The Hot Ani DiFranco
13 Band Name: The Divine Madness
Political Song(s): The Future
Votes: 0
Party: Succumbing To Saint Anger
14 Band Name: AlisaCof
Political Song(s): AlisaCof
Votes: 0
Party: Other
15 Band Name: EscapeVelocity
Political Song(s): ALL OF THEM
Votes: 0
Party: Leaving Gravitational Potential Fields.
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Political Song(s): X
Votes: 0
Party: Better Than Burlap
17 Band Name: you are the science I am the faith
Political Song(s): the politics of fear
Votes: 0
Party: Scientologists
18 Band Name: The Junkyard All-Stars
Political Song(s): x
Votes: 0
Party: Fistslam Axehammersmashing
19 Band Name: GMF Music
Political Song(s): Yo
Votes: 0
Party: The Twin Towers of Break Beat
20 Band Name: Exhausted
Political Song(s): False Lies
Votes: 0
Party: Very Secretive
21 Band Name: T Minus One
Political Song(s): Lunar Landing Conspiracy
Votes: 0
Party: Subtracting A Long Division Problem
22 Band Name: System Of Truth
Political Song(s): all of them
Votes: 0
Party: Other
23 Band Name: ODESSA PILOT
Political Song(s): Dirty
Votes: 0
Party: Bridging the LSD Gap
24 Band Name: Tavistock
Political Song(s): Apsara Queen
Votes: 0
Party: The Terror and The Beauty
25 Band Name: Join The Opposition
Political Song(s): Perfect Sight No Vision, War Profiteers, Machine Gun, National Artist, 3 Monkeys, Bullet
Votes: 0
Party: War Profiteers
26 Band Name: THE MUGGS
Political Song(s): SLOW CURVE
Votes: 0
Party: Electrifyingly Bluesy
27 Band Name: The Metropolise
Political Song(s): Outside The Window
Votes: 0
Party: Based In Poole
28 Band Name: The Rocks
Political Song(s): Grassy Knoll, Running Out The Backdoor
Votes: 0
Party: Running Out The Backdoor
29 Band Name: The Sex Prophets
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: More Than I Can Take
30 Band Name: Motus
Political Song(s): If this was the end, The Haunted.
Votes: 0
Party: Lords of the SoCal Underground
31 Band Name: the dark half
Political Song(s): hellsgate
Votes: 0
Party: Jango Fett's Clone Kids
32 Band Name: Co-Resist
Political Song(s): In Correspondence
Votes: 0
Party: From Fargo
33 Band Name: Language Room
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: At The Library
34 Band Name: T.K.O.
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: Goonz and Go Gettaz
35 Band Name: Stillfire
Political Song(s): Sleeping
Votes: 0
Party: A Still Water Cover Band
36 Band Name: The Men
Political Song(s):
Votes: 0
Party: Uh
37 Band Name: Societal Decay
Political Song(s): Societal Decay
Votes: 0
Party: Knocking Over Tombstones
38 Band Name: The Killed Men
Political Song(s): Knock Me Down
Votes: 0
Party: Taking Pictures of Feet
39 Band Name: Last Summers Day
Political Song(s): No Money No Deal
Votes: 0
Party: Lysergic
40 Band Name: Herbarley
Political Song(s): All A Dream
Votes: 0
Party: Sick Of The Silence

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