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Major Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200
71 Band Name: KRS-One
Political Song(s): Edutainment
Votes: 0
Party: The Blastmaster
72 Band Name: Soulfly
Political Song(s): Frontlines
Votes: 0
Party: Primitive
73 Band Name: Pennywise
Political Song(s): God Save The USA, Knocked Down
Votes: 0
Party: Homesick
74 Band Name: Incubus
Political Song(s): Megalomaniac
Votes: 0
Party: A Women's Running Shoe Made by Reebok
75 Band Name: Guns N' Roses
Political Song(s): Civil War
Votes: 0
Party: Delaying Chinese Democracy
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76 Band Name: Buffalo Springfield
Political Song(s): For What It's Worth
Votes: 0
Party: Neil Young Was In That Band?
77 Band Name: The Association
Political Song(s): Requiem for the Masses
Votes: 0
Party: The Original Mighty Wind Guys
78 Band Name: David Bowie
Political Song(s): I'm Afraid Of Americans
Votes: 0
Party: The Thin White Duke
79 Band Name: The Byrds
Political Song(s): Turn, Turn, Turn
Votes: 0
Party: Eight Miles High
80 Band Name: Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Political Song(s): Wooden Ships
Votes: 0
Party: Soldiers of Peace
81 Band Name: The Grateful Dead
Political Song(s): Throwing Stones
Votes: 0
Party: Haighting Ashbury
82 Band Name: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Political Song(s): Sweet Home Alabama
Votes: 0
Party: Still Making Records
83 Band Name: Alice In Chains
Political Song(s): Rooster
Votes: 0
Party: Sitting In An Angry Chair
84 Band Name: Faith No More
Political Song(s): We Care a Lot
Votes: 0
Party: Caring a Lot
85 Band Name: Social Distortion
Political Song(s): It's the Law
Votes: 0
Party: AKA Grandpa Punkster
86 Band Name: Nina Simone
Political Song(s): Mississippi Goddam
Votes: 0
Party: Decomposing Beneath Forbidden Fruit
87 Band Name: Tom Paxton
Political Song(s): Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation, What Did You Learn in School Today, Beau John, A Thousand Years, etc
Votes: 0
Party: Rivaling Willie Nelson's Discography
88 Band Name: Original Caste
Political Song(s): One Tin Soldier
Votes: 0
Party: Lost in Translation
89 Band Name: James Brown
Political Song(s): Say It Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud, America is My Home
Votes: 0
Party: Fornicating Even In Death
90 Band Name: Marilyn Manson
Political Song(s): The Fight Song
Votes: 0
Party: Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
91 Band Name: Nena
Political Song(s): 99 Luftballons
Votes: 0
Party: Reproducing Like a Mormon
92 Band Name: Bon Jovi
Political Song(s): Livin' on a Prayer
Votes: 0
Party: Slipping On Wet Prayers
93 Band Name: Joan Baez
Political Song(s): Where Are You Now, My Son?
Votes: 0
Party: Forrest Gump's Jenny's Hero
94 Band Name: Dead Kennedys
Political Song(s): Rambozo The Clown, A Commercial
Votes: 0
Party: Feeding Hot Dogs to a Stone Age Tribe
95 Band Name: Billy Bragg
Political Song(s): It Says Here, The Price Of Oil
Votes: 0
Party: Another Fizzled Out Brit Rocker
96 Band Name: Ice T
Political Song(s): Message to the Soldier, Escape From the Killing Fields, O.G.
Votes: 0
Party: Taking Pictures of Guns
97 Band Name: Jackson Browne
Political Song(s): Lives in the Balance
Votes: 0
Party: The Shape of a Heart
98 Band Name: Zack de la Rocha
Political Song(s): March of Death, We Want It All
Votes: 0
Party: Best Friends With Dubya
99 Band Name: Alice Cooper
Political Song(s): Elected
Votes: 0
Party: A Golfing Celebrity
100 Band Name: Jack Johnson
Political Song(s): Crying Shame, Times Like These, Gone Going Gone
Votes: 0
Party: Playing With A Monkey
Major Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200
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