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Major Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200
41 Band Name: Six Feet Under
Political Song(s): Amerika the Brutal
Votes: 0
Party: Digging You Up Just to Kill You Again
42 Band Name: Soulfly
Political Song(s): Frontlines
Votes: 0
Party: Primitive
43 Band Name: Dixie Chicks
Political Song(s): Travelin' Soldier
Votes: 0
Party: Texas Trash Talkers
44 Band Name: Bob Marley
Political Song(s): Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
Votes: 0
Party: The Reason White Guys Have Dreads
45 Band Name: Fleetwood Mac
Political Song(s): Don't Stop
Votes: 0
Party: Permed and Bearded
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46 Band Name: Bad Religion
Political Song(s): Let Them Eat War
Votes: 0
Party: Evolutionary Biologists
47 Band Name: Disturbed
Political Song(s): Ten Thousand Fists
Votes: 0
Party: Well Adjusted
48 Band Name: Alkaline Trio
Political Song(s): War Brain
Votes: 0
Party: Wearing Pants
49 Band Name: Against Me!
Political Song(s): White People For Peace
Votes: 0
Party: Selling Out!
50 Band Name: Phil Ochs
Political Song(s): I Ain't Marching Anymore, Draft Dodger Rag, Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
Votes: 0
Party: A Socialist
51 Band Name: Black Sabbath
Political Song(s): War Pigs
Votes: 0
Party: Urinating on the Alamo
52 Band Name: John Lennon
Political Song(s): Power to the People, Give Peace a Chance, Working
Votes: 0
Party: The Same Height as Jesus
53 Band Name: The Night Watchman
Political Song(s): One Man Revolution
Votes: 0
Party: Pedaling Trucker Hats
54 Band Name: Dewey Cox
Political Song(s): Dear Mr. President, Let Me Hold You (Little Man)
Votes: 0
Party: One Quarter of the Boy Nate Was
55 Band Name: A Perfect Circle
Political Song(s): Judith
Votes: 0
Party: A Box
56 Band Name: Chicago
Political Song(s): It Better End Soon
Votes: 0
Party: 25 or 6 to 4
57 Band Name: John Mayer
Political Song(s): Waiting on the World to Change
Votes: 0
Party: A Talentless Dave Matthews Wannabee
58 Band Name: The Ramones
Political Song(s): My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
Votes: 0
Party: Buried in Bitburg
59 Band Name: Pete Seeger
Political Song(s): Turn, Turn, Turn
Votes: 0
Party: The Banjo Player from Deliverance
60 Band Name: Black Eyed Peas
Political Song(s): Where Is The Love
Votes: 0
Party: Getting Retarded (In Here)
61 Band Name: Stevie Wonder
Political Song(s): Higher Ground
Votes: 0
Party: Very Superstitious
62 Band Name: The Police
Political Song(s): Invisible Sun
Votes: 0
Party: Hungry For You
63 Band Name: Tenacious D
Political Song(s): The Government Totally Sucks
Votes: 0
Party: Inward Singing
64 Band Name: Biohazard
Political Song(s): Uncivilization
Votes: 0
Party: Cuddly
65 Band Name: The Rolling Stones
Political Song(s): Sympathy For The Devil
Votes: 0
Party: Exiled On Main St.
66 Band Name: Lamb of God
Political Song(s): Now You've Got Something to Die For
Votes: 0
Party: On the Streets of Killadelphia
67 Band Name: Billy Joel
Political Song(s): We Didn't Start The Fire
Votes: 0
Party: Writing Songs in the Attic
68 Band Name: Edwin Starr
Political Song(s): War
Votes: 0
Party: The Undisputed Truth
69 Band Name: Mudvayne
Political Song(s): Choices
Votes: 0
Party: Wearing Make-Up
70 Band Name: Cat Stevens
Political Song(s): Peace Train
Votes: 0
Party: Jewish
Major Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100 101-200
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