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Indie Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100
71 Band Name: Caduseus
Political Song(s): AWD
Votes: 0
Party: Borrowing St. Maewyn's Snakes
72 Band Name: The Ancient Sons
Political Song(s): White Mountain Snow
Votes: 0
Party: Making People With Pieces of Rib
73 Band Name: Phoenix Block
Political Song(s): future calling
Votes: 0
Party: Blocking Bird Cock
74 Band Name: Braam
Political Song(s): Thrill, Fourth of July
Votes: 0
Party: An Irish Novelist
75 Band Name: THE SCUMBAG
Political Song(s): 1 Day Romance
Votes: 0
Party: Rinsing Out A Condom
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76 Band Name: Johnny Cooper
Political Song(s): "It's You"
Votes: 0
Party: Wearing a White Cowboy Hat
77 Band Name: Imperial Vipers
Political Song(s): Another Suicide, Sickness, Promise Land, Hard To Smile, Searching:Falling:Silence
Votes: 0
Party: Rolling Snake Eyes
78 Band Name: Muriel
Political Song(s): Climb Me A Clock Tower
Votes: 0
Party: Climbing A Clock Tower
79 Band Name: Khanway
Political Song(s): Never Surrender
Votes: 0
Party: A Ghost of Babylon
80 Band Name: Rancid
Political Song(s): Roots Radicals, Ivory Coast
Votes: 0
Party: The Musical Equivalent of Old Milk
81 Band Name: Arlo Guthrie
Political Song(s): Alice's Restaurant Massacre
Votes: 0
Party: On Ron Paul's Team
82 Band Name: FUJI MINX
Political Song(s): Let's Get Naked
Votes: 0
Party: Nudists
83 Band Name: The Gnar
Political Song(s): HangUps, DUI
Votes: 0
Party: Reviving Yacht Rock
84 Band Name: Immortal Technique
Political Song(s): Creation & Desctruction
Votes: 0
Party: Afro-Peruvian
85 Band Name: Epoxies
Political Song(s): Need More Time
Votes: 0
Party: A Curing Agent
86 Band Name: Unseen Stimuli
Political Song(s): .
Votes: 0
Party: Hearing Things
87 Band Name: The Poverty Beat
Political Song(s): To the 21st Century Fabians
Votes: 0
Party: Keeping Poverty Real in America...
88 Band Name: Whitehouse
Political Song(s): Now that you are here
Votes: 0
Party: Actually Gray
89 Band Name: Chelsea
Political Song(s): Right to Work
Votes: 0
Party: Faster, Cheaper, and Better Looking
90 Band Name: Styrofoam Junkies
Political Song(s): Come Alive
Votes: 0
Party: Bad For The Environment
Indie Label Bands Top 10 11-40 41-70 71-100

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