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Presidential Candidates

1 Candidate Name: Barack Obama
Hometown: Honolulu
Votes: 122858
Party: Democratic
2 Candidate Name: Ron Paul
Hometown: Lake Jackson, Texas
Votes: 122672
Party: Republican
3 Candidate Name: Dennis Kucinich
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Votes: 82216
Party: Democratic
4 Candidate Name: John McCain
Hometown: Coco Solo Naval Station
Votes: 52391
Party: As Old as History Itself
5 Candidate Name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Hometown: Chicago
Votes: 46099
Party: Democratic
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6 Candidate Name: John Edwards
Hometown: Seneca, South Carolina
Votes: 43759
Party: Democratic
7 Candidate Name: Rudy Giuliani
Hometown: NYC
Votes: 35135
Party: Republican
8 Candidate Name: Mike Huckabee
Hometown: Hope, Arkansas
Votes: 30562
Party: Kevin Spacey's Stunt Double
9 Candidate Name: Willard Mitt Romney
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Votes: 28420
Party: In a Compound With 50 Teen Wives
10 Candidate Name: Christopher Dodd
Hometown: Willimantic, Connecticut
Votes: 14872
Party: Grooming His Eyebrows
11 Candidate Name: Joe Biden
Hometown: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Votes: 14652
Party: Democratic
12 Candidate Name: Alan Keyes
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Votes: 8399
Party: Alicia Keyes' Dad
13 Candidate Name: Tom Tancredo
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Votes: 7016
Party: Republican
14 Candidate Name: Duncan Hunter
Hometown: Alpine, California
Votes: 6582
Party: Downloading Barely Legal Teen Porn
15 Candidate Name: Sam Brownback
Hometown: Parker, Kansas
Votes: 6147
Party: A Sodomite
16 Candidate Name: Fred Thompson
Hometown: Sheffield, Alabama
Votes: 5999
Party: Putting His Gavel-Hand Back on TV
17 Candidate Name: Bill Richardson
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Votes: 5484
Party: Dreaming of Pete Rose
18 Candidate Name: James Stuart "Jim" Gilmor
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Votes: 5454
Party: Republican
19 Candidate Name: Mike Gravel
Hometown: Springfield, Mass
Votes: 5169
Party: Independent
20 Candidate Name: Tommy Thompson
Hometown: Elroy, Wisconsin
Votes: 4954
Party: Riddled With Diabetes

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